This list makes me so happy! Arya, Anna, Troy, Simba, Linda, JD, Peggy, Cecil. Blaine, baby! Come to me my darlings, we are all of the same mind!

 Thanks for the submission, my dear, but I’m contractually obligated to stay mum about any and all details of the book for now, unfortunately! I would LOVE to answer your questions, and I encourage you to check back in and ask after my title has been announced (probably November, but I will make a post here and let you know when the time comes).

Sorry about that, and thanks for understanding! :)

Yeah. It’s actually a thing. Mr. Baby was startled by a loud noise, and he nailed me with his hind claw the other morning (“morning” in the loosest sense of the word, it was fucking 4 a.m.), and ripped open the skin under my eye, causing it to bleed everywhere. That shit was big and deep and barely missed my fucking eyeball.

And then the swelling was getting worse and I had a fever and chills and nausea and all that and went to the doctor and…yeah. My official stance as a crazy cat lady has been confirmed. Cat scratch fever. Fuck my life.

I’m on antibiotics for it now, and there’s a pic under the cut; much less gnarly than what it actually looks like in real life (it’s SUPER swollen and discolored), but it’ll give you an idea of the joy I woke up to the other day. The moral of this story is that you should seriously go to the doctor if you get a deep cat scratch, especially one in such a sensitive area. Apparently cat scratches like this one are extra likely to get infected.

Mr. Baby has not shown a shred of remorse. He’s darn lucky I love him more than my own health and well-being. I couldn’t even be mad at him when my face was covered in blood. 

Like I said. Crazy cat lady. It’s official. 

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(Thanks to thegleekyginger for all her help and offering her illustration skills)

"Privilege doesn’t mean somebody gives you a pony just because you’re white. It means that the world automatically defaults to treat you in non-racist ways. It means that if you get a pony, you’re less likely to be accused of stealing it, or not deserving it."

glitterdammerung replied to your post: Book, work, Book, work, Book, work, Bo…

Heeeey we’re deadline buddies! AHAAHAHAAH I AM GONNA DIE

We’ll need a coffin built for two. I am having near-daily freakouts. :/

…this is basically my life right now.  You may have noticed that I’ve barely been around on tumblr lately (or maybe you haven’t—I don’t know your life), and the truth is that I really miss it.  I miss you lovelies, I miss fandom, I miss writing fanfiction (don’t get me wrong, I love writing my original fic, but I miss Kurt and Blaine), but I don’t imagine that I’ll have much time to spare for the next 6 weeks.

6 weeks. Yes. That is when my manuscript is due. Anyone willing to hold me while I sob tears of joy and terror?

I’ll still have lots going on even after I hand in the manuscript, but I also imagine I’ll be able to be around more. I’m also itching to get to work on the sequel to TSOOP, but I’m forcing myself to finish the novel first.

So if you don’t hear from me for awhile, don’t fret: I am around, I will reply to your messages (eventually), and I will check in from time to time. 


Merman!Kurt :) I just felt like making some photoart :)



Just a reminder to the world that there is this glorious feminist thing called the Hawkeye Initiative. Where people draw Hawkeye (and possibly other avengers) in various sexual poses that comic artists generally depict women in.












the greatest thing in the universe.