Well!  Then do I ever have a fic rec for you!

(Def)inition by Hedgerose (WIP, 13 chapters posted so far)

This is an extremely dystopian AU in which Blaine is essentially sold into slavery - though it’s a euphemistic and unsettlingly regulated type of slavery - at the age of 15 when his parents find out he is gay.  Basically, the government owns him but people or agencies can lease him for periods of time, and 11 years later he ends up contracted to Kurt. 

Now, let me just pause to say that Kurt does NOT purchase Blaine for sex, is not even slightly complacent about the system, and does not like the idea of owning another human being at all.  He is sweet, moral, compassionate Kurt in this fic and his reasons for buying Blaine make sense within the context of the story, I assure you. 

This fic is SO hard to read sometimes because it is just heartbreaking, but it is definitely worth it because it is so skillfully done and incredibly well written.  The world is very well fleshed-out, and the fic does not shy away from messy interactions and painfully difficult situations. 

One thing that I should mention is that there is no Klaine romance yet, and the author has made no promises that the ending will be a romantic one at all, but the Klaine interaction and growing emotional intimacy between them is incredibly satisfying all the same. 

Just go read itUnless you don’t want to cry.  In that case you may want to hold off.

P.s. - I should probably mention trigger warnings for disordered eating, self-harm and discussions of and allusions to rape. 

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