I kept seeing Bron’s posts about the lobster cardigan Blaine wore on the season finale of Glee, and since I am from the Land of Lobsters, I couldn’t help but start to get all headcanony about it.

And so a hastily-written drabble was born….


Blaine actually did get the cardigan in Maine.

His parents had taken him at the end of last summer, and Blaine had found the cardigan in one of those little upscale-but-still-kind-of-tacky tourist shops in Bar Harbor. He had been studying lobster-themed souvenirs as they made their way through the town, and was determined to buy one.  He found it morbidly fascinating that everything featured bright red lobsters. They weren’t red in nature – they were brown and green and sometimes, rarely, blue.

They didn’t turn red until you boiled them alive.

And the cardigan, well…

It walked a fine line, but he couldn’t quite decide if it really fit into his evolving geek chic/ironic unhipster style. Before he could make a decision, though, his mother appeared beside him and cooed over how adorable it was, and how lovely it would look on Blaine, and before he could decide what to make of her reaction, she had bought one in his size.

The cardigan sat in the back of his closet, still folded neatly in tissue paper in its periwinkle-blue shopping bag, for months. By the time Kurt found it, Blaine had come to the conclusion that it did not in fact fit his current style.

Kurt, however, was of a different mind.

Oh Blaine, come on. It’s perfect.”

It’s ridiculous.”

It’s classic and preppie and just this side of campy. It is so you, Blaine.”

If you like it so much, Kurt, you can have it.”

Kurt rolled his eyes. “Don’t be absurd, Blaine. It wouldn’t work at all with my coloring, it wouldn’t go with anything I own, and the sleeves would be far too short on me.”

It’s probably too small for me by now too, actually. I bought it last summer.”

It wasn’t. It still fit him perfectly, and once Kurt saw physical proof of this when Blaine tried it on, he only redoubled his efforts to get Blaine to wear it.

It turned into kind of an ongoing thing. Every now and then Blaine would buy something and Kurt would say “Oh, you have to wear the lobster cardigan with that!” Or Kurt would say things like “Please wear the lobster cardigan to the boat show, Blaine, I swear I will pay you.”

Blaine always refused, mostly because the lobster cardigan debate always seemed to involve a seductive Kurt, which led to decidedly cardigan-free activities, which then caused them to forget about the cardigan completely until the next time Kurt remembered it.

But that day…

Missing out on NYADA was absolutely devastating for Kurt. Blaine still didn’t understand how he could have gotten rejected, it wasn’t fair, but he saved as much rage as he could for the gym – what Kurt needed was nurturing and soft words and gentle touches. These were all things Blaine could provide, but he still wanted to do more. Especially on that day, when Kurt went to the train station and saw Rachel off, with a smile on his face, to go live his dream without him.

It was just a stupid little thing, really. But when Blaine had gotten dressed that morning, all he could think about was cheering Kurt up. And then his eyes fell on the familiar periwinkle-blue bag.

Blaine picked Kurt up to bring him to the train station that morning, arriving at Kurt’s front door with hot coffee and blueberry muffins. When Kurt opened his door he wore the same melancholy half-smile that Blaine had seen far too much of recently.

Until his eyes landed on the cardigan. Slowly, Kurt’s face spread into a full smile, his eyes sparkling. A real, honest-to-goodness KurtSmile. It was one of Blaine’s favorite things to look at in the entire world.

You wore the lobster cardigan,” he said, sounding nothing but entirely pleased.

I wore the lobster cardigan,” Blaine agreed, before handing Kurt his coffee and taking his hand to lead him to the car.

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